Why self awareness is your greatest friend. The beach is a place where I can truly connect with myself.

Why self awareness is your greatest friend. OK can I ask you a question. What would your answer be if I asked you how self aware you are? Would you be able to answer?

Self awareness is the awareness of one’s own personality and individuality. It’s so important because we have to have a better understanding of ourselves to experience our self as unique and separate individuals. And this allows us to build on our areas of strength and look at where we need to work on the most. But the sad thing is most people don’t realize how much of a treasure it is to have such a quality.

I can honestly say, when you have the understanding of your feelings, dreams, desires, character and personality. You are an unbeatable power my friend. Believe me self awareness is the most powerful weapon you’ll ever have. Therefore treat it as the amazing gift that it is. Having self awareness is also magic for finding more productivity in your life. This will help you find more productivity in your life. http://www.kristimaree.com/6-ways-to-increase-productivity/

What makes self awareness so strong? Why self awareness is your greatest friend.

The most important thing is it helps you create inner peace with yourself. And guides you to setting and achieving your goals, make the right choices and decisions. While helping you communicate with other people. Self awareness will help you get to exactly where you want to be in life. When using it for a higher purpose of course.

I have a suspicion that all of you reading this are self aware individuals. This is a big shout out to you for embracing self awareness. And realizing the importance and how necessary it really is.

10 Reasons why self awareness is your best friend.

Know what motivates you.

Of course you know looking around for inspiration probably won’t get you anywhere. It’s your decision to make a start. Therefore have to motivate your self. But sure it helps to get a pep talk fro a mentor( for me it’s Jenna Kutcher and Natalie Ellis) But when it comes down to it it’s you who can get you in the right mindset.

Be sure of you core values. Why self awareness is your greatest friend.

So be sure to set boundaries for yourself that you and anyone else won’t cross. Know what you will and won’t allow. My friend don’t settle for anything but the best. Tony Robbins says it well here. How to believe in yourself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQjlcp3tr9c&list=PLYV5tNhLqVCq3xOFCM3kRi3TmFeIH0OgQ

Be aware of what you need to change . Why self awareness is your best friend.

Because one life lesson I have learned is that when things aren’t going the way you would like. It is up to you to know the change you have to make to change things. Try something different. Maybe a different direction or change the strategy our using. Aim to be productive.

We understand that our perspective outlines our beliefs.

It’s important to remember that our beliefs, thoughts and actions are there because of our experiences in our life. And they are what we have allowed to influence us. This is the same for everyone. And as compassionate humans we have t respect different opinions. Let’s be honest, what works for you may not work for others. And that’s OK.

Do you trust your Intuition? You should.

Your intuition is such an amazing gift. It is the truth, your gut feeling that tells you if your on the wright path or not. And if your making the right decision. When our self awareness is really strong. It’s safe to say that trusting your intuition is the way to go.

Have mindfulness of your actions. Why self awareness is your best friend.

When we know our strengths and weaknesses we act with purpose. Because we trust ourselves and our intuition. and this means you have all we have talked about to help you inn the right direction with whatever you do.

And of course self love is a vita part in all of this. It is the foundation of getting to know yourself your values and beliefs. Here is the link to snag a free copy of my mini E Book Self love a vital part to coping with stress. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5eaec05f82272f0026fdf3a2 So is self awareness your greatest asset?

Kristi Xx

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