Try this to calm anxious thoughts. We all can suffer with anxiety at some point in life. But try this to try settle those anxious thoughts.
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Try this to calm anxious thoughts. Are you like me, every so often the negative thoughts creep up and take over your mind. And your stomach starts to feel all tight. Well this it what it feels like for me.

So I wouldn’t say that I am naturally an anxious person, but I am aware that I can be quite quickly. And then I start the whole self sabotage. And then I feel like I don’t have control, and get caught in outside feelings and not my own.

I don’t know what its like for you, but anxiety hits me when I least expect it. Because I can be going about my day and then that tight painful feeling starts in my stomach.

Don’t you find it fascinating how negative things that happen in our mind can show up in our body as physical feelings.

So for me, I’m the type of person who always has a million thought in my head. But when I feel anxious, I find it really difficult to focus and be productive. I am single minded and just focus on what the negative issue is. Are you ready to learn the art of self love, feel confident and have self belief. Click the link and lets work together! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f64abf9a7faea3c063af68f

What I did to calm down. Try this to calm anxious thoughts.

I began to think that I needed to see if there was a pattern with my anxiety. Wass there certain times of the day or night I found myself getting anxious? And the one important thing I found is that feelings come and go. They can change so quickly and unexpectedly. What I found for myself is that:

  • My anxiety was worse in the mornings.
  • I would feel better come mid morning.
  • Lunch time I could sometimes feel a little anxious.
  • Afternoon changed a lot, there were times I felt that knot starting in my stomach.

This I discovered that feelings had the power to come and go at any time.

Try this mindset shift.

And there can be something very important I learnt about feeling anxious. You don’t have to have a plan for your feelings or negative thoughts. You don’t have to try and fight them, or even try t make them go away. But remember that it’s a feeling. And you don’t have to put a label or meaning to it. So you can trust that it will eventually quiet itself. Then your not spending your time trying to figure out what to do with those anxious feelings.

But it can be difficult to shift your mindset because all you want to do is behave in a certain way. So what I started doing was asking myself questions about the anxious feelings I was feeling. So try asking

  • How am I contributing to my anxiety.
  • Out of my feelings, what do I know to be true?
  • Is there anything important I’m not seeing?

The best way to do this is to journal down the moments when you feel at peace and calm. Because these are the moments that matter most. And we often forget about. Because sometimes our minds tend to be focused on our negative thoughts. My recent post will help you create a morning routine to kickstart your mindset! http://www.kristimaree.com/a-morning-routine-to-kickstart-your-mindset/

Next time try this technique, I would love to know how it worked for you! Share any tips you have below!

Kristi Xx

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