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Using the power of A Mantra and how they have helped me.

Hi everyone ☺ I would love to share with you something that helps me stay focused on my vision and dream... That is the power of a Mantra. Let's face it, we all have days where you feel unmotivated and even have self doubt with yourself and life. By ...
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The Story Of Where It All Began. My Inspiration.

 I wanted to do this Blog to share with you where my Journey all began. It all Began with me needing some self belief, self love and learning how to enjoy life again. And the realisation that my story could really help and inspire others. Back ...
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Why I started The Blog And Began Writing.

Growing up I always had a passion for writing and was in my element when I was speaking in front of people, it brought a confidence out I'm me it's hard to describe. And this will help when I do some meditation videos for you guys !!!. When I first ...
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