To the woman who is struggling. This is for you if you need uplifting, empowering or motivating. You are not alone and you are loved.

To the woman who is struggling. I wrote this for you. To let you know you are not alone, and I hear you and I see you.

And you know, I don’t even know you, and I don’t know you name. But I do know you need some empowering and motivating words. Because dear you, I am struggling too! So life can get so dam complicated, and sometimes for no reason at all. I really do have some good days where I feel good, and days it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Can you relate?

Because my mission is to let you know you are not alone in this journey. And to even make you feel better if just for a minute. So to be honest, for myself too. But for the most part for you. OK here we go, this one is for you.

To the women who feels she is not worthy.

I’m here to tell you…you are. In every way. You are worthy of all the wonder this life has t offer. And you are loved and deserve the best There is nothing holding you back from discovering the beauty that is YOU.

To the woman who is yet to find her voice. To the woman who is struggling.

So go and find your voice! And speak up for yourself. And don’t let anyone else hold you back from your full potential. Because you are stronger than you think. We always come across people who don’t want to listen. So why not make them listen!

To the women who hates herself. To the woman who is struggling.

So the first thing, accept that you are not perfect. And accept that you make mistakes and you can hurt people too. But you are so worthy of loving yourself, you don’t deserve to hate yourself. But accept the flaws you have as they make you human.

To the woman who’s tired. To the woman who is struggling.

I know it can be difficult, but please take care of yourself. I struggle with this a lot too. Because we know what we need, but we still struggle to do it. But I have learned to accept that I’m not in a place to do it right now, and I don’t push myself too hard. And I take the best care of myself that I am capable of right now. My recent post will guide you where to start if you are new to self love. Click the link to read! http://www.kristimaree.com/starting-your-self-love-journey/

To the women who has lost hope.

To the woman struggling. Hope is never lost! I have learned that there is something beautiful in every aspect of our life. Our life is so short, too short for some people. Hope is found in yourself as is peace. And hope can feel dangerous sometimes, but hope is really all we have.

To the women who is insecure.

To be honest, I think it is normal that we have insecurities. But the key is to not let them stand in your way of living your full potential. Take the time and invest in yourself and work on it.

This is to all women.

My wish for you, I hope that whatever maybe weighing you down causing you to struggle. To believe in YOU. You will get trough it Because I believe you will, and I believe I will too!

So my important message is that you remember you are strong enough, resilient enough. And I want you to accept your beauty and strengths. Because keep telling yourself that you are worthy, I am worthy. We all are worthy…

If you would like to take the next step in your self love journey. Then my self love program The Art Of Self Love is now available. Click the link to join my waitlist. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f64abf9a7faea3c063af68f

Lots of Love Kristi Xx

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