Tips to declutter your home. I’ll be perfectly honest, the sight of clutter has always made me feel very jumpy. And it really hold me back and distracts me from being productive in that sort of environment. That means it’s safe to say that having an organized environment is so important in your self love journey.

And for me I find that clutter increases my stress levels, because I feel frustrated when I can’t find something in clutter. But it also makes me feel like I don’t have any control. Try this method to also declutter the mind and be happy with less stress. Click the link to read http://www.kristimaree.com/declutter-the-mind-with-this-method/

Tips to declutter your home. Having a relaxing environment free of clutter is important to your self love journey.

But if your someone who knows that they need to declutter. Then it can be a real challenge to look at all that you have accumulated. And of course the time it’s going to take to go through it all! But I get it, we all have things that hold value. It might be sentimental value, maybe it was a gift or it was just expensive and it would seem like a waste to give or throw it away.

And the funny thing is, we don’t need to make it so complicated for ourselves. I’m making it more simpler to tackle the decluttering process.

Tips To Decluttering your home. Tips to declutter your Home.

For me personally, I like to ask myself what is it I want to achieve out of this experience. And my goal is to feel less stressed and feel more organized and relaxed. Because this makes the process a whole lot easier to maintain.

But maybe there are different reasons? Emotional reasons that we may be hiding. Maybe it’s a way of thinking it will solve problems. My own experience is not to think of it as solving your problem, but as of achieving something.

The five step Decluttering process.

Step One. Choose an area to declutter.

Choice an area below and take everything out of the space so you can see what you have (Yep making a mess!) The idea is to make your way through a list of all the areas of your home.

Step Two. Ask yourself these questions. Tips to declutter your home.

Start with asking does this make my life more pleasant or more simpler. Then if it’s something you have more than one, make a choice which one makes life more pleasant or more simpler. But if you think it might be easily replaced, it might be time to get rid of it.

Step three. Time to make some piles.

If you’ve asked yourself these questions honestly, it’s time to do some sorting.

1- Donate- Maybe you would like to donate some thing to charity that are in good condition.

2- Time to go. If something it’s past it’s “use by” then it’s time to make the decision to toss it.

3- It’s a yes. If it is still of value, practical and still usable. Then it’s definitely a keeper.

Step four. Time to tidy up.

If it is something that you are keeping. Find the perfect spot, and always put it back in that spot when you are finished. This is the vital part to keeping clutter at bay.

Step Five. Get rid of the tossed items quickly. Tips to declutter your home.

A very key element to this is get rid of the things you are donating or tossing quickly to avoid rethinking things. And be mindful of the environment when distributing these things. If you haven’t thought about it in along time, it’s really is time to send it in it’s way.


It can be a very hard decision to make for so many different reasons. But a trick to try is putting it away for a while where you know you will go back to. Then if you haven’t thought about or used it. You know it’s time to let it go. When we have a clutter free environment, it much more relaxing to sit in silence and connect to yourself. This is why silence is a powerful communication tool. Click the link to read now http://www.kristimaree.com/silence-is-a-powerful-communication-tool/

I hope this has given you the motivation and inspiration to declutter. Having an environment that makes you feel relaxed and happy, is so important to your self love journey. Where will you start decluttering? Here is my checklist of things women NEED to know about self love. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f53280e22a9aa00261d2199

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