The Beauty Of Astrology.

Hello beautiful souls!! It has been a while…So much has been happening in my life its been CRAZY!! As you may already know I have now become a certified astrologer WHOOO HOOOOO. I will post the link to my business page on Facebook The Modern Mystic where you can book an appointment with Me for a horoscope reading. I would love to connect with you and find put what the stars and planets are up to in you life. This has been an amazing  part of my Journey and an achievement I am so proud of. I have always been captivated by Astrology and  decided to make it part of my Journey to become a Yoga teacher. Yoga and Astrology are so powerful together. They both allow you to go deep into the Psyche and uncover what is happening in both your conscious and your unconscious. Helping us to become the best version of our self we can be.  Striving to achieve whatever it is we desire. Is it easy…hell no!!!  But with hard work, dedication and self belief it is so worth it. With Astrology you uncover so much about yourself that you never knew. It is so much fun and I have a better perspective looking at life now. If your interested in an appointment I can do a Quick overview of your chart, a full breakdown of your cart and a Synestry reading with someone learning about that relationship and how it’s been affected by the stars and planets. I  have so may plans for 2018 and intend to achieve every one of them. With Astrology I learned to manifest whatever I’m doing on the high side to show the best in my personality and inspire others as well as myself. Looking forward to seeing what 2018 will bring…
Love and light Kristi. 💜
Here is the link to my Facebook page The Modern Mystic.I hope to connect with you all soon.

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