The #3 mistakes of self love. Let's look at these 3 mistakes we make when it comes to self love and what we should be doing.

The #3 mistakes of self love. So lately I have noticed that self love has become so popular and very much needed out in the world. And I think I feel mixed emotions about this. It’s both disheartening and inspiring.

It has become so clear that women are really getting tired of all the roller coaster feelings of not feeling worthy and good enough. And are really getting tired of how they are affecting their lives.

Which means their turning to self love, and this is wonderful. But there are some mistakes that women are making and holding them back form their full potential. My recent post will also give you some amazing ways to make mindfulness easier. Click the link to read! http://www.kristimaree.com/5-ways-to-make-mindfulness-easier/

#3 Mistakes women are making when it comes to self love.

1- They think they have to love themselves 24/7 to attract people into their lives.

2- Make self love conditional.

3- We get confused with accountability and self criticism. Thinking that they have to be self critical to achieve their goals.

And this means that women think they don’t have to love and accept themselves fully and they have to be perfect to get to where it is they want to go.

Here are the 4 steps to be rid of these mistakes and turn you around in the direction that you want to go.

Try these steps to overcome the self love mistakes. The #3 mistakes of self love.

1-Always express your feelings.

It is so very common that a lot of us don’t allow ourselves to really express and feel our feelings. And it can be really hard to move forward when we haven’t given ourselves permission to feel our feelings. We need to be able to feel them to direct them out of our body with no judgement and analyzing.

2- Having self awareness.

So to be totally honest, we have to be aware accepting of the WHY behind our feelings. Because you will find it to be easier to be more kinder to yourself. And this means we have to remember we are NOT our behaviors, they are a guiding light to show us where we need healing. Because self love is a chosen practice not a destination.

3- Having Self Compassion. The #3 mistakes of self love.

So try practicing self love with curiosity, you’ll find compassion will come more easily and more often. Self compassion is a balance of truth and commitment to accepting our mistake and vowing to do better next time.

4- Having self forgiveness.

So yes we all make mistakes. But you have to leave the past in the past. Because you now have the tolls you need to make better choices in your life. And know you did the best you could at that time. But the important thing is we have to let our mistakes teach us a lesson. When we have a full understanding of your behaviors, we come into a more forgiving place.

So take note of how you are criticizing and talking to yourself. Sometimes we need to retrain our brain. I hope this blog post has been helpful.

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Kristi Xx

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