Signs your feeling burned out. Can I ask you a question? When was the last time you remember having all the energy to achieve your goals and dreams. This sounds like a dream right?

Now most of us feel burned out from jobs that are the every day grind and family commitments. But it can be the same if you are doing what you love to do everyday. You can still burn yourself out.

And something else we need to realize is that it’s not only the older generation that suffer burn out. But women as young in their 20’s suffer the harshness of burn out. So what causes burn out and stop it from taking over our lives. As always it all begins with self love. My free checklist will guide you on the important things you need to know about self love. Click the link to grab your free copy. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f53280e22a9aa00261d2199

Burnout is something that we experience on a daily basis. This can be when we are overloaded and doing things that don’t make us happy and fulfill us.

We place such high expectation on ourselves which leads to mental, physical and emotional burnout. And the simplest things in life start to feel like a super chore.

But most of us don’t even realize we’re feeling burned out until it’s too late. So if you can bring some awareness to burnout. You can then take action before things get any worse. Here are some signs your dealing with burnout and how to deal with it in a positive way.

Signs of burnout and how to deal with them.

Signs your feeling burned out. Feeling tired and not enjoying life? Burnout can manifest in so may ways. It's important to recognize the signs to take care of it and feel stronger and healthier.


1- Your to do list just seems too overwhelming. Signs your feeling burned out.

Take note of how your to do list makes you feel. Because if it makes you feel overwhelmed on a daily basis. This is a sign you could be feeling burned out. When we try to fit too much in our day, we wind up feeling guilty when we don’t achieve everything.

Why not try to prioritize and then simplify by planning. Then just stick to that foundation for the day.

2- Your not finding the motivation you need. Signs your feeling burned out.

Does this sound familiar. You wake in the morning and hit the snooze button once, twice and three times. And then it’s a mad chaos to get out the door in time to get to work. But you know what you have ahead of you and your just not feeling the motivation. This can also be a sign your in burnout mode.

3- Everything feels like a chore.

Do you feel like your not doing anything that excites you or give you joy? This can really start to take a toll on you. It is so important to add a little fun into your daily schedule. But it’s also vital to choose things that will excite and motivate you. And the key thing? If you add different fun things into your day, life will begin to feel a little more exciting.

4- Struggling for time to practice self-care. Signs your feeling burned out.

The one thing I have found with self care, is that it can be a huge benefit when you are dealing with burnout. And it can be a real challenge to find time for self care. This means that you are most likely worrying about everybody else’s needs ahead f your own.

Take the time and allow yourself to rest. because weather it may be 5 minutes or an hour. There is time and ways to fit self care into your everyday. You have to treat it like a priority in your life and your everyday.

So what are your ultimate tips for weathering burnout.

Now I have an important task I would like you to do. Check in with yourself and see if any of these burnout signs resonate with you at the moment. And remember that there are so many other ways burnout can manifest within us. Having a positive mindset is also vital to dealing with burnout. Here is how to achieve a positive mindset in three easy steps. Click the link. http://www.kristimaree.com/a-positive-mindset-in-three-easy-steps/

Be aware of your mental, physical and emotional well-being. And recognize if you need to take a step back and recharge.

Kristi Xx

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