5 self care tips for Entrepreneurs and bloggers. Having your own business can be demanding. Self care should always come first.

5 Self care tips for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers. When I decided that blogging and Entrepreneurship was the path that I wanted to take. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But is was going to be worth it. And yes blogging and entrepreneurship has really challenged me outside of my comfort zone. But also made me a stronger person because of my dedication to self care.

As bloggers, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, or business owners. It can become second nature to tell ourselves “I should be doing this instead of this”. Can you relate? You get on the hamster wheel of pushing to make progress. Because we don’t want to be in the same place for very long.

But I found we really need to strip ourselves back from it all that never seem to stop. So consider me as your Fairy Godmother ( Don’t worry I got this!) My mission is to help you realize that you can have a successful business while practicing self care at the same time. I want to help you from struggling with being burnt out.

And you certainly don’t have to be an Entrepreneur to experience guilt around taking time for yourself. Or saying you don’t have time for self care, my work is too important (This is me!) This post is for you too! This recent post will help you make self care a little easier. Click the link to read. http://www.kristimaree.com/?s=How+to+make+self+care+easier

The Important factors of Self Care.

I want to make self care a priority within my business, and I hope you do too. But we need to focus on two things 1- Time Management 2- Mindset

1- Let’s change our mindset around self care. 5 self care tips for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers.

I want to share with you what I have learned. If you don’t make time for self care. You will never realize how just as important it is as your work. Remember you have to take care of yourself first in order for your business and life to thrive.

You have to really think about these things when thinking about self care in terms of your business. How is self care going to help your business? When your mind is not clouded but clear, how can you help your clients? And instead of just surviving what will you be achieving?

2- Work on your time management skills.

Time management, was not my strong point. I will be totally honest. And still I work on it today. I started working on it after I worked on my mindset. Even though some of us may have more flexibility than others. This doesn’t mean we have all the time in the world. Because for me I make self care work around this, self care is the biggest priority in my life and lifestyle. And you have to remember that no one is going to do it for you. You have to make the effort and schedule in that time. So will you? When it’s something you really want. Sacrifices usually have to be made.

The 5 way’s to practice self care. 5 self care tips for Entrepreneurs and Bloggers.

Meet up with people offline. 5 self care tips for Entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Connect with like minded people. This will empower you and give things a fresh look and perspective for you. And to get away form the everyday environment of home or an office. Human connection is so important, there is more to life than work!

Turn off all technology. 5 self care tips for Entrepreneurs and bloggers.

Yep, this is super important. Your mind works overtime you know. Looking at screens and paper. So your eyes need a break from the glare. We consume just as much as we create, so it’s a good idea to take a break away from the ideas of others. Also Create boundaries around the time you will be responsive to E Mails and messages.

Make the time to serve yourself.

Being a blogger and Entrepreneur, we are constantly serving others. Self care allows us to turn attention back to our self and our own needs and wants. Are we taking care of them? It’s time for your own self refection and discovery. You don’t have to always tend to other peoples problems first.

Make self care a priority and part of your routine.

I stay consistent with my self care practices because it’s embedded into my mindset as super important. We all have different amounts of time, so work out what’s more important to you in your self care routine and make time for that. Especially if your running low on time (Like me!)

Today I want to share this free guide to all the busy Mama’s out there doing an amazing job of being devoted to their family and pursuing their dream. This free guide will help you master time management and be more productive. Click the link for your free copy! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5d6c89b2624ba700162ea657

Until next time friends

Kristi Xx

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