Comfy, short, long and flowy. I think these are the words to describe how my wardrobe pieces together. Let me start this story with when I was younger been so short (caused with having Turner syndrome) I was always self conscious of the clothes I wore that they didn’t make me look even shorter. But with the confidence I have now I can rock anything girlfriend!!  Now I want you to just close your eyes and picture a wardrobe bursting at the seams!  Yes this is mine. But there are certain “favorites” that you like to keep close to the front. Does this sound like you at all?. Well I’m going to go through and share with you some my favorite picks that can be worn for both Day and evening with mixing it up with different accessories and shoes. The key my friends to looking good is letting your confidence and inner sparkle shine when you are totally comfortable in what you wear. I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and sharing with you.

This outfit is a little peak into what I like to wear If i’m going out to lunch with friends or going for a drive to the city for the day. I love skirts and dresses!!. You can always dress them up or down depending on the occasion with different accessories. Now I am only 4’11 but hey I still rock a maxi dress. And I even rock a long skirt. It’s all about looking into the mirror and into your own eyes and seeing your unique personality shine through. A personality that only you can show the world to admire. I like to chose things also weather appropriate to make sure I feel great in. Here in the tropics the summers are pretty yuck!

In the past my body shape weighed heavy on my mind.  But with a lot of soul searching and commitment to learning to love my body I love to explore different styles. For evening I also love to wear dresses, pants and top and beautiful A line skirts.  These are all pieces that you can utilize in so many different ways to make room again in your closet and never go out of style, gotta love classics. And of course I have different style shoes to match and can also dress an outfit up or keep it simple. Beautiful simple heels to sandles and slip on’s.

This can be hard! the temptation to just buy something because it’s really nice. Iv’e learnt when I shop now I think of what I have In my wardrobe and can go with what I am looking at buying. I am also tying to understand the term ‘ethical fashion’ by looking at things that cover things like working conditions, animal welfare and of course our environment. My biggest goal is to be a conscious shopper and only choosing things I feel good in !!

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