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Making self-care a pleasure not a burden. Hi friends! I have had some requests for more blogs on my previous post How to make self-care easier. If you haven’t read it check it out here http://www.kristimaree.com/?s=How+to+make+self+care+easier So today I though we would gpo more in depth with this topic.

The one thing we need to learn about self care is if you find it feels like a chore. Then you shouldn’t do it. That is a sign from your subconscious saying this doesn’t make me feel good. Or I really don’t feel like doing this. That is another sign that this is not going to give your mind, body and soul what it needs. So always pay attention when these thoughts are arising. Because it’s important to get the full wonderful benefits of self – care.

Signs self care is becoming a burden. Making self care a pleasure not a burden.

In my self care journey I have learnt a very important lesson. If what you are doing doesn’t come from a place of relaxation. Then it most likely wont serve it’s purpose. That goes for exercising, relaxation techniques and even pampering yourself. If it’s not in that space of quiet and free it will feel more like a task than relaxation. And yes even exercising. For me if it’s not Yoga or a gentle easy walk, it doesn’t feel good to me. Maybe you like running or play a sport. If after you have finished, and your feeling ‘I’m glad that’s over’ or “That’s made me more anxious’. Then that’s not the right ritual for your self care practice. It should put a smile on your face, and you should feel calm.

Don’t panic if you don’t want to do something. Making self-care a pleasure not a burden.

Now in saying that, it is normal to not want to do something as a form of self care. Bur you will do it anyway because you know the great benefits form it. You might resist it but you do it and feel great after. And you feel happy you did it. When it truly feels like a burden then there is something wrong. Especially when you are really dreading it, and you resist it. Then once you are done you don’t feel happy at all that you did it. You know there is something wrong.

An important thing to remember is that what one person may enjoy as self care, may not be like that for everyone. Self care is a very personal and individualized experience. As it should be. Your own self care experience needs to be tailored to your own personal needs and emotions. And there is no right or wrong way to do it. Go ahead and ask friends or family their own self care rituals. Look at different lists and customize it to suit you. Because it’s great to try different experiences and see what works for you.

I mean hey no judgement here. If nice warm baths with luxurious bath salts doesn’t tickle your fancy, then don’t do it. But is sky diving excites you and makes you feel alive. Then go for it (safely of course!) and have a great experience.

Common Misconceptions of self care. Making self-care a pleasure not a burden.

In today’s society, the ‘in’ talk of self care is pedicures, manicures and bubble baths. Beautiful indulgent activities which are beautiful and oh so relaxing I agree. These ideas are embedded into our minds. But as I said before they are not for everybody’s needs and wants.

Another misconception ism that self care is for women only. But that is so not true. Men and children also need to have self care as an active vital part of their lives.

Self care can also change over time. What worked for you previously may not work for you now. I know doing my house work used to be a form of self care and a stress relief for me. Some people even use grocery shopping as a form of self-care. This this not something I would choose but it works for some. And that is great! But now what is more effective for me is meditation, journaling and reading. I also love inspiring and uplifting podcasts and You Tube videos. And of course I love popping on that face mask for self love Sunday 🙂 .

Making self-care a pleasure not a burden. Yoga and meditation is a great addition to your self-care routine.

Get to know yourself better. Making self-care a pleasure not a burden.

Have you ever stopped to think how well do you know yourself? This is so important when cultivating a successful self -care practice. A really good start is knowing exactly what doesn’t work for you.

But what if your not sure what won’t work for you? This can be something we all feel from tome to time. A great idea for this is to go get a pen and some paper and make a list of activities. And these can be things you have done previously or even exciting new things you would like to try.

And this list doesn’t have to be pages long. It’s a starting point to get to know yourself better and what will work for you. As you begin to narrow down different activities you will see what will work.

Self care is always ever changing.

Something important I want you to remember is that self care evolves and changes. That thing that now feels like a burden but didn’t before, stop doing it. If you now enjoy that piece of chocolate from time time to time then keep doing it.

Self care can be seen as intuitive. It all about what you need right now physically, mentally and emotionally. And importantly spiritually. Don’t forget to show your soul some self-care. And also know when not to push it. Know when enough is enough.

My free E Book Self love a vital part to coping with stress will give you some great tools and knowledge to have a successful self-care practice. Grab your free copy here! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5eaec05f82272f0026fdf3a2 I hope this was helpful and gave you the tools you need for a beautiful self-care practice.

Kristi Xx

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