Looking for answers but stuck? Then it's time to, just make a start and see where it takes you.

Looking for answers but stuck? Are you like me and shy away from doing something, because you have no idea how to do it right? And then you go searching for answers on how to do it. Maybe it time to make a start?

I am a perfectionist, because everything has to be perfect instead of making progress. Because it becomes like an obsession to always get things right. But just remember making mistakes is also a way of learning. and I think we are afraid of failure and been totally embarrassed.

Searching for answers.. once we start it can quickly become a mission. Can you relate to this? Well it’s time to look at this and why it’s time to stop. And believe in ourselves that we can get things done. Rely on your own intelligence to direct you. Then we won’t be wasting precious time.

The big problem with searching for answers. Looking for answers but stuck?

If your anything like me, do you find yourself laying awake at night looking for answers. Or are you continually asking those around you for the answers or advice. Have you considered you may be battling a limiting belief. With the decision to start the blog, my main task was to research how to become a better writer. Then how to find the best headlines for what I was writing. You name it I tried it. But making a start was not even on my mind. I was in the mindset of just making it right.

Then you want to know what else I found out. It all can be a ploy to get others to take the responsibility from us. We pass the responsibility on to someone else to figure out for us. This related post will help guide you through this also http://www.kristimaree.com/6-ways-to-increase-productivity/

So why do we feel stuck then? Looking for answers but stuck?

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s great when we follow other people’s advise to help with our struggles. But when we begin to push things to get it right, we might be disappointed. And this is where it comes from

Feeling Overwhelmed.

Try not to push for answers. Because this can lead to more frustration and feeling of being confused. Even though you have done the work, the overwhelm may push you further from the answer your trying to find.

Not being in alignment.

This can mean when you receive the advice you asked for. It may not be what you were looking for. leaving you feel deflated. You may be a loyal fan, but find their core values don’t connect with your values or priorities. You have to be careful because this may lead to the belief that your not good enough or worthy of success yourself.

Receiving advice that is not authentic. Looking for answers but stuck?

It’s no secret that there are plenty of people out there ready to give you advice. But are they the real deal? And can they help your problem in a meaningful way. What they are telling you may not be what you would actually do in that circumstance. The key is to look for someone with experience in what you are looking for before you take advice.

Why not create your own answers?

So what would happen if you didn’t find the answers you were looking for in someone else? Would you look for them yourself? What would you do if you had only yourself to navigate this? I like to go outside and engage with some peace and quiet. And now I am an action taker to see where it takes me. But you have to be prepared that you may make a mistake. And things may not turn out they way you hoped first time. Then this doesn’t mean that you stop taking advice from others. There are some amazing people out there with so much valuable knowledge to give.

Now maybe right now your not looking for answers, but I encourage you to take what you need form this and make it your own. Have your own experiment with brand new discoveries. But know that you have the answers within you. Grab a copy of my free E Book Self love a vital part to coping with stress which will really help you along your journey of finding answers. Click the link get your free copy! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5eaec05f82272f0026fdf3a2

Kristi Xx

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