What is motivation?
Sometimes I surly do lack it. You too? Well motivation is the reasons for our actions, and the willingness for our goals. It is our needs, desires and drives within us as individuals. Does this make sense? Motivation is one of the key components that will help us achieve those goals. If we have motivation we will have SATISFACTION and growth in our own PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. Life is like a roller coaster and we tend to let that motivation disappear. Motivation helps us get up early and be productive. It is also the key to success and being successful in achieving your dream and living a life you love. OK, now lets dive in a little more….

My journey with motivation has been a dang rocky one…can you relate?  But after chipping away at the fears and self doubt, I can craft my motivation in a way that serves my dreams and goals in life. That was when I really started to see results in my life and my goals. So I would like to share with you some tips to help  you do the same and find that motivation for yourself as they did me sound darn good? OK my friend here we go……don’t forget to take notes!

1- Don’t assume Money will motivate you. Love what you do and relish in the enjoyment of doing something that makes you happy.
2- Keep that bigger picture in mind!! Think of what will be waiting for you after you put in all the hard work and get to exactly where you want to be. This is a HUGE motivator.
3- Make sure they are your goals! Tap into what it really is you want. Is this your goal?  Or are you doing it to please other people?
4- Break the Goals down into smaller pieces. By doing this things can seem more easily achievable and not so overwhelming. You are also covering all bases and seeing if there is anything you have forgotten.
5- Tap into other peoples energy. This is a key part for me. Having mentors with incredible energy and vibe that you can feed of is the best motivator!.

Oh my gosh!! what did you think? I really hope this inspired you to take action. If it did let me know. I would love to hear from you. Share this with a friend who needs a little inspiration to find their own motivation. But don’t be hard on yourself girl!! we all go through stages where we lose some motivation or aren’t feeling “In the groove”. With these personal tips I have followed I know you will find it again. I BELIEVE IN YOU… and I want you to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. If there is anything you feel you need help with or want me to write more on I would love you to send me an E Mail and connect with me. Talk again soon Friends.

Kristi Xx

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