How to show up brave for yourself doesn't have to be extravagant. You just have to be brave and step outside your comfort zone.

How to show up brave. The definition of brave for me is ‘Being courageous, bold and showing up with no fear of showing your true self’. Can you relate to this? Because being brave also means stepping outside of your comfort zone. And this can be really challenging. We have to remember that nothing grows inside our comfort zone. Things stay the same with no growth or development.

That means in order for us to grow and evolve, we have to be brave and step outside of the comfort. But we tend to fall into the misconception that we need to do something extravagant. This is not true. Because the simplest thing like trying a new coffee, or asking a friend to a coffee date. These little things will push us in the nicest way outside of our comfort zone. This recent post will give you some valuable tools for stepping out of your comfort zone. Click the link! http://www.kristimaree.com/?s=Stepping+out+of+your+comfort+zone Let’s look at these four important ways to be more brave. You ready?

Four Ways To Be More Brave. How to show up brave.

1- Share your story.

Everything becomes so much easier when you have that support system around you to give you the encouragement and motivation you need to achieve your goals. But to gain that support, you have to be willing and BRAVE to put yourself out there. Because meeting with and connecting with new people will change the way you face things. And remember that when you share your story and journey you inspire others to be brave. The cycle of sharing and connecting is a positive forc for everyone.

2- Just be present. How to show up brave.

It’s so easy to get caught up dwelling in the past and dream about the future. But what about right now in this moment? Because when we truly live in the moment. We become more calmer and more collected. Being present is being brave. Show up for yourself and your loves ones.

3- Learn to speak up for yourself.

If there is something you want. Or some point if view you want others to see. That means you have to out yourself out there and be heard. And be brave. If you don’t speak up, no one else is going to. That feeling of proudness when you stand up for yourself is empowering. Because you don’t need living with regret when you’ve done nothing at all.

4- Don’t be afraid to fail. How to show up brave for yourself.

Because that fear of failing gets us all. But you have to get past that to achieve what you want out of this life. You have to push past that thought. Because let’s face it, it’s not possible to be successful with every thought, idea or attempt at something. That is not reality. But don’t make excuses not to try. Because we never know if we are good at something unless we try. And there is a very important lesson to learn with every failure.

And because as you have heard me say many times.. That It all begins with self love.my friend. My new guide with 5 things women NEED to know about self love that will really help you understand self love and then cultivate a successful practice in your life. Click the link! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f53280e22a9aa00261d2199

I hope this has empowered and inspired you to be more brave. What was your biggest takeaway? I would love to hear!

Kristi Xx

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