How to reboot and feel better in hard times. It's important to protect our energy, try these ways to help you build your energy.

How to reboot and feel better in hard times. So there became a time in my life when felt that my energy was low. I began to wonder how was I really living? And so I decided to dive a little deeper into what really was the meaning of life.

So since this I have taken important shifts in my daily routine to uplift my energetic direction and confidence. The goals and dreams are paired by the quality of our life. But if we don’t support our energy with intentions our manifestation is weak as is our results we want to achieve.

So no matter what’s going on it’s never to late to reboot yourself. And we do this by making small changes every day, like managing your energy.

This means for me on a personal level, I was held back in some areas in my life. Not because of lack of motivation or good intentions. But because I didn’t have the energy to do what I wanted to do,. And be the woman I was born to be. My free quiz “What is your self love language” will help you find your own self love style. Click the link to take the quiz now https://www.tryinteract.com/share/quiz/5e9640e71c36560014604c8f

OK, it’s time to get to the core. I hope these ways will help you protect and nurture your energy, no matter how simple they are. And they are also powerful and they take time and perseverance. Here we go…


1- Move it out. OK Now I know I’ve said it before, but moving your body is essential to moving the negative energy and making room for the positive and stronger energy.

2- Morning visualization. Don’t be discouraged if you sleep in and miss part of your morning routine. Because you can still take a few minutes in bed to visualize how you want your day to go. You can say to yourself “Today will be a good day and I choose to feel at peace” The way you want your emotional energy to feel is up to us.

3- Add appreciation. If your having a day where you feel moody and unsettled. Take a minute to stop and see all you have to appreciate around you. So I love to make a list of what I appreciate to have as a reminder during the day.

4- Daily non negotiable list. Write a daily non negotiable list. A list of small things that you will consistently do every day. Things that will help you feel attractive, confident and energized. For example: My post “Morning habits you do have time for” will help you cultivate a successful morning routine. Click the link to read. http://www.kristimaree.com/morning-habits-you-do-have-time-for/

1- A hot cup of lemon water in the morning.

2- Write one good thought about myself.

3- Do stretches every day.

We all know time is like a whirlwind, and unless we fill it with good energy it will be fill unintentially with negative energy. I hope this has helped you learn more about the importance of protecting your energy. I would love to hear from you how this has helped.

Lots of love Kristi Xx

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