How To Keep Commitments To Yourself.

How to keep commitments to yourself. Here are some valuable tips that have changed my life and my motivation to stay on path to my goals.

How to keep commitments to yourself. So keeping commitments to others can be simple enough. But when it comes to keeping commitments to myself, that can be a different story. And I keep asking myself why is it so hard?

To be really clear, when I say committing to yourself. I mean commit to something you said you were going to do. So like going for that walk, taking 10 minutes to meditate or working on that business you are so passionate to start. Because these are commitments that only you can keep.

But if your always setting goals and never following through, you are breaking the most important promise…the one to yourself. And I was really getting let down by myself because I couldn’t .

Let’s take a look at the ways I have shifted my mindset. And prioritized my goals, especially when my doubts are trying to take over. My free guide on Changing your mindset and achieving your goals will guide you with the tools for a more positive life. Click the link for your free copy https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5db90f136a0d9f00262fd646

Why do we break promises to ourselves?

How to keep commitments to yourself. So why is it easier to keep a commitment to others than it is to ourselves? And why do we keep letting ourselves down and make everything else a priority?

Well I can honestly say It’s because we are taught that it’s selfish to put ourselves first. Because I don’t believe for a minute that it is selfish to put ourselves first. And I BELIEVE it’s not selfish to put our own needs first. But I still have trouble with this sometimes.

So after thinking more deeply about it, I realized that maybe it’s limiting beliefs. Because it’s a lot easier to think we’re not worthy of achieving what we want. We talk ourselves out of things so very quickly and avoid things even quicker.

How I’m Keeping Commitments to myself.

How to keep commitments to yourself. Here is what has been helping me keep commitments to myself a lot easier.

Get in the right mindset.

So I have found that when I’m doing something makes me feel good, I am in the mindset of only thinking of what I am so grateful for in my life. And what I want to achieve. When I do this, I begin to see when my mindset is in a more negative way.

I can be not s good at following through with something I don’t feel like doing. Bit this gives me the opportunity to ask myself what I need to do to turn my mindset around to serve me in a more higher and meaningful way.

Following your North Start. How to Keep commitments to yourself.

What is your North Star? So your north star is the destination you want to get to, the life you want to live. It’s discovering more about yourself that you may have not known. This has given me extra motivation to stay on track for what my goals are.

Therefore when I feel myself falling into old habits, I go back to my North Star. Then I ask myself “Is there helping me get to wear I want to be?” And a lot of the time it’s not. So I have to focus on what will get me there. Here is my previous post how to rise up to your own strengths and own your dreams and goals. Click to have a read and I hope it inspires you. http://www.kristimaree.com/rise-up-to-your-strengths/

So what commitments do you want to keep to yourself? Comment below I would love to hear from you.

Kristi Xx

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