Looking after my skin has been a passion for me for as long as I can remember. But sometimes we forget about our poor skin, especially when you are a busy Mum! Our skin  the largest organ in the body. I remember my first paycheck I ever got I was so excited to buy the latest skincare products (and yes the ones with the harsh chemicals ). Now my skincare routine and tips look a lot different. I only use all natural plant based products, my favorite is @SUKINSKINCARE PRODUCTS. But there is a lot more to this story. Let me share with you my skincare routine and tips to get GLOWING SKIN WITHOUT THE HARSH CHEMICALS. When our skin looks glowing and healthy, we feel more confident,more healthy and more in love with being comfortable in our own skin. And this is vital when we are working hard to be the best version of our self and creating a life we love. See…it all fits together.

This is so very important to me. Choosing a skincare range that is not only affordable but most beneficial and healthy for your skin. I started cleaning up the products I was using during our fertility struggles. I was so shocked when I looked at the ingredients of some of the products I had used, I couldn’t pronounce some of  them! Your skin being the largest organ of your body absorbs everything you put on it. That’s why I chose @sukinskincare will recognizable and real ingredients. You really have to know your skin type, dry or oily, sun damaged or sensitive. Know your skin type confidently before choosing your skincare products.

I have learn’t some valuable lessons and done a lot of research when it comes to looking after my skin. I now choose to age purely and gracefully. But there is something that is important to remember when caring for your skin. You have to care for your body internally as well. Living a clean healthy life with the foods we intake is vital to having healthy glowing skin, and of course our overall health. Our skin really thanks us when we eat those fresh fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables comntain powerful antioxidants that help protect the skin from cellular damage caused by smoking, [pollution and sunlight. Our skin also feels it when we are stressed and dehydrated, drinking plenty of water is crucial to our skins health and our overall health. the skin looks vibrant and healthy when it is hydrated. And the fine lines and wrinkles will soften naturally!

The main points I want you to take away from this to continue building self confidence and self love  are:
1 Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water.
2 Establish a clean and healthy diet.
3 Know your own skin type
4 Choose a natural skincare product
These are the steps I have followed for years. I want you to remember this. When your skin feels and looks good SO DO YOU.

Kristi Xx

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