How to feel content with what you have. This is me feeling gratitude for all the blessings already in my life.

How to feel content with what you have. I can honestly say that I have always compared myself to other women. And still do to this day! To be more prettier, have more money and label clothes. It was this belief that everyone was better than me. So I tried to change myself to be more like others. But I think we have all being in that position at some point in our life. And it can be really hard not to let these thoughts creep into our mind, they can be so overwhelming. You will love this on how to reset your body mind and soul. http://www.kristimaree.com/reset-your-body-mind-and-soul/

For me it’s only been the last 4 years I’ve felt content with what I already had in my life. And not letting the journey of creating a life I love consume me in a way that crushed my mindset. I think maybe it was all part of growing and evolving into the women I want to become. Not letting the limiting beliefs of what others might think take over my thoughts. I learned to be happy and comfortable with who I was and not focus on situations that I could not change. My wish was to be seen for who I really was on the inside, not what I looked like on the outside.

I wanted to be more accepting of who I was and others around me.

What I found was I needed to practice more gratitude for the wonderful things already in my life. Because when we are always trying to make things different. You miss out on all the joy that is already there to celebrate. So don’t wish your life away. Be present and enjoy every moment as it happens. So how do you feel content with what you already have In your life. With patience, awareness and acceptance. Let’s look at how these three things can do that for you too.


How to encourage awareness.

Don’t focus just on the future. Be aware of what you already have to make you feel content. And appreciate what you have right in front of your eyes. Then open up your mind to all the good things happening right now in your life.

I love to do this by journaling all the things I am grateful for. Or things that I really care about. And of course there are times when I compare myself to others and wish that I had more. But to be honest these feelings didn’t last forever. So I realized that our thoughts and beliefs don’t have to be seen as permanent.

Learn to accept things that we can’t change. How to feel content with what you have.

Once you become aware of what you already have. It’s time to have a greater acceptance of ourselves as well as others around us. This is also an important part of our everyday self love practice. But don’t let this waver your mind that you have to accept things as they are. Because that is not true, there is always room for improvement. It means don’t push things to be a certain way. We always need to have an open mind that there is more than one way to do something. You don’t have to love your life like everyone else. The choice is yours.


I will be totally honest. I am still working at this. Patience is about letting life unfold in it’s own time and way. When we look closely and give ourselves some grace, compassion and love. We will see very clearly that we already have everything we need to feel the feeling of contentment. If your anything like me. I tend to rush into things from fear of missing out.

Remember patience will guide you to making the right decision and choice for you. I am always searching for answers. But I have learnt to slow down and let the answers come to me. I had to learn to trust the process and that I will end up where I want to be. So embrace every moment and always be open to wherever it may take you. Have trouble with your mindset? Then this will help bring more positivity. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5db90f136a0d9f00262fd646

Being content with what you have is not easy by any means. It’s in our nature to be continuing to look for more. But it is possible. So if you feel like you are wanting more out of life. Remember that awareness, acceptance and patience are the 3 things to being more content with what you already have.

Kristi Xx

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