How to communicate your needs. This is key to building stronger and more respectful relationships and friendships.

How to communicate your needs. When it comes to communicating, we have expectations that the men will listen the same as women. But that is not the case.

Men and women process things differently. Which means that there communication style is a lot different. Women are more connected to there feelings and emotions. But men hide there emotions a lot and love to problem solve. Men don’t always understand why we have tom talk about things, where as other women are more connected to communication. But the other thing is women don’t understand why communicating has to be so hard.

I think we can all agree that ever one of us needs to be heard and understood. That we go through stages of feeling invisible. When we feel understood we feel things more deeply. How we communicate determines how we will be responded to. Communication is a skill that we learn to practice and we cultivate over time. And self love plays a vital role in that. Here is my free checklist of 5 Things women NEED to know about self love. Click the link for your copy. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f53280e22a9aa00261d2199

Here are 3 things to remember when communicating. How to communicate your needs.

1- Express your feelings. How to communicate your needs.

Sharing how you feel is the best way of expressing your feelings. But do so in a way that’s not controlling the behavior of someone else. Then you will receive a whole different response when you express how you feel this way. Expressing your wants and needs. And then it is best to let the other person make their own decision of what they choose to do.

2- Ask that other person for their opinions.

The next step is to ask the other person or people for their opinions and what they think. When you do this you can empower and inspire others to want to help you and offer value to help. Because in a perfect world keep these 4 words close to kind: Empathy, compromise, grace and unconditional love. And an important thing to remember is not to rely on someone else to be like you and meet all of your needs and wants. But to experience who you are in a whole new way. Because it’s up to us to bring out the best in ourselves. And then we can turn to bringing out the best in others.

3- Don’t place blame. How to communicate your needs.

A very common mistake we can make is pointing the finger and criticizing the other person for what they have done or are not doing. The key is again not to go into battle but expressing how you feel is a different way of putting across your message. When we do this, it doesn’t make the other person feel good. And they will most likely start to be defensive. My recent post will guide you to the most effective communication tool. Click the link to read now. http://www.kristimaree.com/silence-is-a-powerful-communication-tool/

So it’s really all about getting to know who you are and bringing out the best in others. And when your in this process you become the highest good for YOU. And in turn the highest good for others.

I hope this has inspired you to communicate differently and build stronger and respectful relationships.

Kristi Xx

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