How blogging has changed my life. Blogging is a great self care ritual for me. It helps me express my emotions and feelings.
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How blogging has changed my life. I have had some requests to share a bit about my blogging journey. And some of my tips, so here it goes. I never though that blogging would become a part of my life. For me blogging was basically the thing that help close a chapter in my life and open up another to a world of success and opportunity. At school I never thought myself good at writing, like when it came to assignments. When we had to prepare speeches I would whip one up the night before, and always get a A-, I was good at speaking.

I’m still in the start of my blogging journey. IN the last 7 months I have taken it seriously, and made the decision to take it full time. It truly is my passion and love. Blogging made me realize it was all in my hands if it was going to work or not. And any little success feels great! And the feeling I get when I know I’m helping other people is incredible. Because my goal is to impact women around the world and make a difference.

I thought confidence was something you naturally should have. But confidence comes with taking risks and allowing yourself to go for it!

How blogging has opened up exciting opportunities. How blogging has changed my life.

When I first started blogging I had no idea the kind of opportunities that blogging represented. It became very clear that this was a path that would open up some amazing doors for me. And of course one would be the substantial income that blogging represented.

But the thing that made me really think. Was the act that you could get paid doing something that you loved. And made you feel alive. The choice to wake up every day and be excited for the day ahead. To feel motivated and connected to myself. That was the turning point. And I know with hard work and compassion I can achieve this. And so can you!

Blogging helped me on my path to self acceptance. It guided me on my path to self love. And for that I will always be grateful. For me blogging helped me express my feelings and share my story to inspire other women. Growing up I had no self confidence in myself to achieve anything. BUt I’ve always had a passion for writing. And writing helped me realize that I needed to share my story and experiences. That I could help make a difference in lives around the world.

Where to start and helpful tips if your wanting to start a blog.

Now believe me when I say I am no tech savvy gal! no way. And that was quite daunting when I decided to start a blog. I personally recommend starting off with a free host to get you started. There are some really good choices like word press and blogger. And just get the feel of writing and navigating your way around. Then after time and when you are established and have a clear path you can upgrade. Focus more on the value of the content you will be putting out. My recent post How to up level your life with a personal growth plan will really help you find clarity. Click here to read. http://www.kristimaree.com/how-to-up-level-your-life-with-a-personal-growth-plan/

Do your homework first. How blogging has changed my life.

I would suggest to have an idea of what your blog is going to be about. The main subject you want to promote and put forward to the world. Do some homework and write down all your ideas, and then sift through them and be more specific on the path you are heading with your blog. And be strategic on how you structure your posts. Have a clear and catchy introduction to grab the readers attention. And make sure in the body you have something of value. Information that is serving your readers pain points and problems. Do some research and poll your audience on social media what their pain points are and would this topic be of help to them.

And it’s important to have routine for your audience. Decide on how many times a week you will post and the days you will post. I would stick to Monday to Friday. I post Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 8 am. But you work with what fits best to your lifestyle.

Blogging can give you a great sense of achievement. especially when you know you are reaching people and helping enrich their lives. I still have a long way to go with my journey. But I hope sharing these tips will help any aspiring bloggers out there on their own journey. Try my free guide to help you have a more productive and successful mindset. click here https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5db90f136a0d9f00262fd646

Kristi Xx

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