First half of 2020 in review. What a first half of the year. Let's get ready to face the second half .

First half of 2020 in review. Wow, what can I say, the last 6 months have been a emotional challenge that we can be proud of with how we have faced it. When we set out in 2020, We had no idea what was going to unfold. But I think we can say it has been life changing. And is going to stay with us for a very long time. In these times self love is such a big part of how we cope with these challenges life brings us. So make sure every day you show your self some gratitude and tell your self how proud you are of yourself. My recent post a decade in review you will see how I placed the last decade. Click the link to read now. http://www.kristimaree.com/a-decade-in-review/

But here we are. We are half way through the year. And what does this mean ? What does it mean for the last half that is upon us. And the answer is unknown. Because this first half of the year has been filled with nothing but fear and uncertainty. And if we are honest, it doesn’t look like changing any time soon. But there is no doubt in my mind will get through it and be stronger than ever before. Most importantly we need to be aware of our own mental health. Our mental health has had some really big adjustments in the first half of the year. Now with everything that has happened and still unfolding. We need to check in with ourselves and see how we are really coping. And not to be afraid to reach out for help.

Coping with a complete lifestyle change. First half of 2020 in review. First half of 2020 in review.

The last 6 months all of our lives have changed in the most challenging ways. And we are still doing the best we can, hey this wasn’t easy right? We had to so quickly change the way we live, and loose something very important to us. Our freedom. The freedom to connect physically with our loved ones around us. And that feeling of being distant form life. freedom in all aspects of our life has been tested. And we have had to reevaluate a whole lot of things that were just part of the everyday.

So what has the first half of the year meant for our Goals and dreams?

So how do we explain this. Changing direction is a good start. And then we had to change or alter the path we were on to achieve them. But I hope that you realize that even though things haven’t gone to plan, this doesn’t mean that our goals and dreams are unachievable. I believe that we have the power to step up in the mist and change direction to make our goals achievable in the middle of a difficult situation.

Financial status, this was one of the biggest changes with everything that has happened this year so far. So many loosing their jobs or half their income. This meant that we had to make a lot of sacrifices to support our families and learn to live differently.

So let’s take a deep breathe and approach the last half of this year with the positivity and strength that we all have within us. And whatever life brings our way, we will get through this together. Because there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you all health and happiness. My free E Book Self love a vital part to coping with stress will give you some valuable tools and advice to help you cope with all of these life changes we have faced. Click the link to grab your copy ! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5eaec05f82272f0026fdf3a2

Kristi Xx

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