Finding your inner voice and using it. Can I ask you a question? What is your biggest takeaway from 2020 so far? It has certainly been a year wouldn’t you agree?

Maybe it has taught you the importance of being around other people. Even if you are an introvert. One thing I have taken for granted is the space of being able to have some quiet time having a coffee in a beautiful cafe. And the opportunity to work from anywhere when your a blogger.

Or how important it is to come together in the hard times. Where you use your inner voice to help others. This is the best piece of advice I’ve ever received http://www.kristimaree.com/the-best-piece-of-advice-ive-received/

How to find your inner voice and use it. Me sitting on my comfy lounge doing what I love to do..smile

How to find your inner voice and use it. Finding your inner voice .

I really think in this season we are been asked to take a look at our values and even question them. We have to listen, look and make movement.

I have been really reflecting and thinking what if this was the year even with everything that is happening, where we finally have to grow. I don’t want to think of it as all bad, but how can we use it to make some much needed change. And that change we want to happen comes from listening to and using your inner voice.

Having clarity on what really matters.

Recently I have done a lot of sorting through some mindset blocks I didn’t know were there. For me more than anything this year I have has made me so aware of what I want out of life and the kind of world I want to live in.

I was so very out of tune from this when I was younger. And I was very distant from the part that I wanted to play in it all. Therefore it got me thinking to. Who am I really when I’m not taken by the noise all around me. What is at the center of my being.

I started to work this out with all the time I have spent on social media recently. With taking the path of creating a movement that will effect women all around the world. But then I was getting to caught up that I never checked in with myself. And I never asked myself where am I now and where do I want to go.

We just need to take a break sometimes and take action from a place of growth. And not making excuses for our self not to take action. But to feel motivated and inspired to do it.

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Finding and using your inner voice.

You have to trust and listen to your inner voice. When this happens you will live your life with more intention and direction. And you will feel the confidence within you. Let’s look at some ways to find our inner voice.

Create stillness.

This is the way to connect with your inner voice. Can you remember when the last time was you gave yourself uninterrupted stillness?

I have recently got back to my meditation practice because I got so caught up in life I didn’t make the time anymore. And it had been life changing for me, I had forgotten just how important it was. Now I think of it as ‘A way to completely and honestly be with myself’

Another thing that creates stillness for me is journaling. Putting my thoughts from my head and on paper where I can see where I need to work more on. Sometimes I journal once a day and sometimes morning and night. I listen to how i’m feeling guide me to what I need to do. And there is no write or wrong way, you do what feels right for you in that moment. Here is some help from my recent post with starting a journaling practice. http://www.kristimaree.com/how-to-start-a-journaling-practice/

Have a vision of what you truly want.

I have learnt that I need to visualize. And I have to ask the universe for what I want.

So take the time to think about who you are, and what is it you want out of this life. What is the part that you want to play in this picture and this vision. Take the time to look at what the world really needs form you.

Practice using your inner voice.

For me it’s easy to go back into silence and be mindful of saying the wrong thing. Then I feel that maybe my voice doesn’t matter.

And that was me trying to be perfect getting in the way. And there is no such thing as perfect. There is such a thing as real and authentic. And learning form our mistakes. Whatever your passion be sure to be heard . Whatever you feel let that show you the way to where you need to go. Make you dreams come to life with words, conversation and movement.

So Don’t be shy of all the hard times. Because in life you will come across things being said against you and the silence. But you can think of it this way. Because your voice could be the voice to explain something in a certain way to change a persons mind for the better and make the difference in this world… Try my free guide to help change your mindset, be you and live your dream https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5db90f136a0d9f00262fd646

Kristi Xx

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