Don’t be Afraid to chase and live your dream….

Each and everyone of us has a dream, a life we would love to live. It’s part of who we are, something that’s instilled in us at birth. But sometimes fear of failing makes it easy to avoid them.

It all starts with taking a leap of faith with the decision to say “yes I want to live a life I love and live my passion. I can and I will”. But of course it won’t be easy. There for sure will be challenged along the way that will test you to your limits. But thisnis what makes us stronger and more confident to be the best version of ourself that we can be. And yes this does take a lot of hard work, dedication and persistence. But… You can do it!!. Give your dreams the attention they deserve. Let the desire and fire within your heart guide you to work hard, be persistent and never give up… Anything is possible
When I was growing up I was such a dreamer, but I did not have the confidence to do what I’m doing now. Studying astrology and diving deep into my yoga teacher training!! But since practicing yoga and meditation diving deep into my inner self and understanding more about myself, I feel the sky is the limit and if I just keep believing in myself and clear away any doubts or negativity,  what I dream about will start to unfold. When you find the right tools to help with this…it’s amazing!!!

Love and light always kristi Xx

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