25 daily affirmations to improve your mindset. I love to write down my daily affirmations. It's more self connecting for me

25 daily affirmations to improve your mindset. We are in a time at the moment where affirmations seem to be used quite a lot. And everyone in the self help Industry are saying that they have a lot of benefits. But are they as good as what people say?

When I first started using them I will admit I was skeptical. But after a while of using them I began to see just how powerful they were. I know that without a doubt our thoughts play a big part in our success and our happiness. Because it’s important to find ways to improve and nurture our mindset. And not to fall into negative thought patterns.

I have learnt that affirmations will in fact improve our mindset on a daily basis. Therefore increasing our feelings of our own self worth. In this post I’m sharing with you how to use affirmations, and a list of affirmations that will help you keep a positive mind when times are tough. This is a recent post I know you will love and relate to as well. http://www.kristimaree.com/build-confidence-to-pursue-your-dream/


An affirmation is a positive reminder or a statement that can be used to encourage or motivate yourself and others. But I want to remind you to remember to affirm and encourage yourself. We can sometimes focus on others before ourselves first.

Now let me explain something. You have to believe that something you are trying to affirm about yourself first before you use a daily affirmation. If you tell yourself ‘I am financially abundant ‘ but you feel poor then you won’t manifest more money into your life.

Self affirmation is also a great approach to positivity. Instead of trying to convince ourselves of something when you don’t feel that way, why not encourage yourself to think about all the important things in your life. Family, friends, career and your hobbies. So by doing this you will be reflecting on things that you know to be good about yourself and your life.


Here is a list of affirmations you can use every day. Choose ones that resonate with you. I love to write them down.

  1. I allow myself to be who I am and without any judgement.
  2. Everyday I will give myself the care and attention that I deserve.
  3. I will give myself space to learn and grow.
  4. My passion and ambitions will help me achieve me my goals.
  5. I feel proud of myself when I (fill in the blank)
  6. Yes I will always give myself permission to do what feels right for me.
  7. I will trust my inner guide and intuition.
  8. Yes I am always heading in the right direction.
  9. I am good at helping others (fill in the bank)
  10. Now I share my talent will the universe by(fill in the blank)
  11. I believe that I’m on the right path
  12. I will accept my emotions and let them serve their purpose.
  13. Yes I feel confident in my ability to(fill in the blank)
  14. I am inspired by the world around me in a creative way .
  15. Now I am at peace with the person I am.
  16. Yes I do make a difference in this world by just existing in it.
  17. I am becoming closer to my truer self every day.
  18. Today I put my energy into the things that matter to me.
  19. My mind is full of creative ideas.
  20. I learn valuable lessons from myself every day.
  21. I have gratitude for the people in my life who (fill in the blank)
  22. Yes I allow myself to be me without judgement
  23. I use my time and talents to help others.
  24. Yes I trust myself to make the right decision.
  25. I am always headed in the right direction.


For me I love to use my affirmations a couple of ways. I also like to write them down, and say them out load to myself in the mornings when I’m having my coffee. And another great way is repeating them in your head when doing meditation. But there have been times when I have stood in front of the mirror and repeated it a few times looking at myself. The important thing is to find affirmations that have words you can resonate and connect with. Choose them by how you wake in the morning. What is it in your mind that you feel you need to say out load. The best time to do this is in the mornings when you wake up or in the evenings when you wake up. This is an effective way to move forward in your life.

This is a little something just for you my free guide on how to change your mindset and achieve your goals. I would love to know how it works for you. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5db90f136a0d9f00262fd646

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