Creating calm in chaotic times. It can be difficult, but I'm sharing three ways you can implement to find more calm in your life.

Creating calm in chaotic times. So may people are really grappling with stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We are all dealing with stress in both our personal lives and career.

So we’ve had to rethink our habits and create new ones to adapt to all the changes in our lives. And all our systems are overloaded , but be proud because we are coping. But I’ve found that this can lead to forgetting to just breathe. Which leads to anxiety and stress. My free eBook will give you the tools on how self love is a vital part to coping with stress. Click the link to grab your free copy. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5eaec05f82272f0026fdf3a2

So there is one thing that I have learned, and that is calm does not just magically appear. We have to create it ourselves. And this can be difficult, it takes us being totally present with ourselves body, mind and soul. It’s so important when our outside world is so chaotic that we find a more peaceful internal world.

5 Tips when wrestling with calmness in your life. Creating calm in chaotic times.

Creating calm in chaotic times. Try curling up with these 3 tips and find which speaks to you the most. Remember to take action and be compassionate to yourself.

1- Rejuvenate your mindset. I’ve learned that negativity is the easiest thing. So take notice of what your thoughts are doing. Then you can see what it is that you need to turn your mindset in a more positive direction.

2- Human Connection. It is so important to connect with the people who are supporting you and leading you in the direction you are going. And especially when we feel lonely, shifting our attention onto others can make us feel better. And our loneliness will soften.

3- Strengthen your energy. Each and every one of us is an energetic being. We are so much more than just the physical. We have to remember that we are responsible for our own energy and create a daily energy practice. And never feel guilty about having time for yourself. My recent post will give you some valuable advice on how to create more me time. Click the link to have a read! http://www.kristimaree.com/never-feel-guilty-about-having-me-time/

So to cleanse our energy we have to set the intention. Be clear to ourselves our intention is to cleanse our energy. Then we need to surround ourselves with the right circle of people with the right vibrational energy.

So are you ready to disengage from chaos and live a more peaceful life? I hope one of these tips help and I would love to hear how things evolve for you. So what else would you add to this list?

Kristi Xx

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