Being consistent with your morning

Being consistent with your morning routine. I think we can all agree that not all of us are morning people. But the topic of morning routines fascinates me. It really is a personal thing, all about what works for you and makes you feel good.

But some of us have trouble sticking to it. Of course a morning routine is great for your mental and physical well being. It can be a challenge to stick to it and have consistency. Today I’m sharing some tips to help you find that consistency and make it part of your life. This will also give you some valuable tools to stick to new habits. Click the link http://www.kristimaree.com/?s=How+to+stick+to+new+habits

Overcoming my own struggle with routine. Being consistent with your morning routine.

I absolutely love to plan out a morning routine. But I can suck at sticking to it. So I had to find ways to keep me on track and hold myself accountable. All of my intentions were great. But when that alarm goes of, that’s where I cave. Just lay there and feel guilty because I knew what I should be doing.

Learning to shift my mindset.

Then I started to be a little kinder to myself. Realizing that I did in fact already have morning routines I never realized. Because I had my morning skin care routine, and I loved my quiet morning coffee after a meditation. Now I want you to look a little closer. I think you’ll find you already have some morning routines of your own.

Staying Accountable. Being consistent with your morning routine.

Then the time came where I knew how to keep myself accountable. This meant I needed to know why. And I had to ask questions to have a reason for doing something. I needed to know why I wanted to stick to those habits.

Motivation where art thee.

Ok so what you ask is my motivation? That’s simple. It keeps me sane. And when the rest of my dat turns to total crap. I focus on the goodness I had that morning to get me through. Once you realize your motivation. You will realize that you can stick to a morning routine. because it all comes down to the right balance.

1- Time to shift your mindset.

Are you thinking I’m totally crashing at sticking to routines. Then take a close look at what you’ve done in the past. And I know you will see that you have been sticking to routines without even realizing it.

Even now you will have routines in your life that you aren’t even aware of. Things that you do every day when you come home frim work. And this is proof that you can stick to something. Once you get over the mindset blocks it becomes a lot easier.

2- Learn to be patient with yourself.

What is your plan? If you want to wake up at a specific time, but you wake up a couple of hours later. It’s so easy to get excited about change, we need to remember that change does take time and patience.

Do it in a gradual and slow pace. This allows your body the time to adjust and get used to the change. So just take it one step at a time.

3- Remember your motivation. Being consistent with your morning routine.

The key thing to remember is that you have to take a clear purpose of why you want to do something. Don’t do it because other people are doing it. This is when you run into trouble with sticking to things. Then figure out why it’s important to you. Are you trying to reduce stress? To have more energy? Write it down somewhere you can see it every day. Here are the 5 secrets women NEED to know about self love. Click the link to read https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f53280e22a9aa00261d2199

So here are three ways to help you with consistency and motivation. Because it may not be always glamourous. But so worth it. I would love to hear how you go. Comment below and let me know.

Kristi Xx

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