Turner Syndrome…My journey started on November 2, 1977. I was born into a family with two wonderful parents. In my early childhood I was a happy little girl. The one difference was my height, I was a lot shorter than other girls. Now this didn’t worry me at all, I embraced my height and was still a happy little girl.

Then…everything changed once I started my school years. Primary school I started to become very self conscious and more aware of my height and so did the other kids. There was the teasing because of my height. And this continued into high school. I had my Best friend and other close friends but I did find it hard to meet and make new friends. My Mum took me to see a Gynecologist when I was 12. After test were done it was diagnosed I had Turner Syndrome. I found it could just be diagnosed with looking at the girl, extensive blood testing was needed to make a confirmed diagnosis. TS, what the heck was that!!. So the researching and talking to different doctors help us have a better understanding of what it was. With time my attitude changed and I started to learn to love myself for who I was.

Turner Syndrome..never heard of it?
Why Me?

So as the years went by I had everything fixed, my ears after years of trouble. And the narrowing in my aortic valve. Heart problems is a main feature of TS. Then started my thyroid journey to getting it sorted out, now we have it under control most of the time. This was such a confusing and scary time but one step at a time I got through it, and still am following this motto at 42! My turning point was actually 3 or 4 years ago I started really accepting and embracing me, and doing my own research into TS and deciding I needed to become a Butterfly to raise awareness. I thought to myself, there are other girls/women out there as scared and confused as I was. I wanted to let them know that they are not alone. And to seek help and get the questions answered you have. For me I really struggled with infertility and took a long tome to get to the place I am now.

So the purpose of this story is never judge a book by it’s cover and to make a statement. NEVER let anyone make you feel as though you are worthless or different. Don’t define your limits of you you are because I’m here to tell you there are no limits. You are capable of living your dreams. So go and live them beautiful butterfly. I might have turner syndrome but a hell of as lot of determination has made me who I am today.

Are you as Turner Syndrome Butterfly ? or do you know someone who is. I would love for you to share this as raise more awareness that we are not different and we do fit in…..

Worth sharing?


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