Are you thinking your not doing enough? We all ask ourselves this question. But how do we handle it?

How to handle thinking your not doing enough? Can I ask you a question, have you ever found yourself in the mindset your not doing enough? That in your head you really though that you should be further ahead in your life ? You know, that to do list of things you should be doing.

I’ve certainly been there. Whatever I was doing wasn’t enough. And when we see other’s success we go into the mindset of inadequacy. Which in turn makes us plant impractical expectations on ourselves. And thinking that nothing we do will ever be good enough.

I have always believed that there is always room for improvement in our lives. But when your constantly in the mindset of you HAVE to do EVERYTHING… it can be very overwhelming. And it only adds more unwanted and unnecessary stress. And who wants that right?

Now I’d like to share with you some of the things I do when I’m feeling this way. And maybe you could implement them if your also feeling this same way.


The Pressure of it. Are you thinking your not doing enough?

It really doesn’t matter that we are doing enough. Because the pressure to always be busy will always be there. But without even realizing we manifest interior expectations of our self. And also from the outside like family, relationships, work and of course not forgetting society.

There is a reason also we can feel like this, and one of the most common. And that is we never receive any recognition for any of the work that we do. Then starts the hamster wheel of not being good enough and not doing enough. And the only outcome from that is it puts ample pressure on our already long to do lists. Along the way I found I add to the overwhelm more than anything or anyone else.

Tips for when you get left behind…

Set realistic boundaries and expectations for yourself. Are you thinking your not doing enough?

Always remember…you can’t do everything! Try not to set expectations that are totally unrealistic. Whatever you are doing is already enough my friend. Think about the time you do have to dedicate to things. Because if you are feeling left behind, think of everything you have accomplished. Then think of how you have evolved and grown over the last 5 years. Don’t compare yourself. This will help you slow down the thoughts, start your morning right. Click the link! http://www.kristimaree.com/morning-habits-you-do-have-time-for/

Don’t make your to-do-list so long! Do less but with more value and intention. Are you thinking your not doing enough?

One of my biggest downfalls is I try to do TOO much at once. I think I’m making progress but actually I’m falling behind. Stop that overwhelming thing and do less but extraordinarily well. I mean let’s face it. There is always more that we could be doing right?

There will always be something more that can be done, but isn’t always necessary. Focus on what is relevant and fits into your vision.

Keep track of where your time goes. Are you thinking your not doing enough?

Are you like me and sometimes get to Friday and think what have I done this week. Know where your time goes and think if it is serving you and what you are trying to achieve. You will find your spending you time the wrong way, or you are doing more than you think.

What have you been putting a lot of your effort into lately? Will this help you reach something bigger? Comment below if this post made you feel more clarity on this topic. And my New E Book Self love A vital part to coping with stress will give you the tools and guidance to get past this. Click the link below! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5eaec05f82272f0026fdf3a2

Kristi Xx

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