A morning routine to kickstart your mindset. A healthy and stron morning routine is vital to our mindset. I'm sharing the ways that have helped me take more control over my mindset.

A morning routine to kickstart your mindset. What does your mindset normally feel like in the morning? Do you spend too much time hitting the snooze button, or scrolling the Gram while lying in bed?

Once you do get up your faced with the to do list for the day and feel unfocused am I right? We’ve all been there (I certainly have!) It’s tough to feel focused in the morning. Recently I made a decision that I didn’t want my mornings to look like that. Because I wanted to feel prepared for every new day I’m blessed with.

Today I’m sharing the rituals that have helped me achieve a positive, calm and motivated morning. I hope this gives you some inspiration to make your own morning routine more purposeful and intentional.

My Morning Mindset Kickstart Routine.

1- Write in my journal.

I take a few minutes every morning to journal what’s on my mind. And connect with what I’m feeling, listening to my body, mind and soul. And sometimes this is related to the goals I want to achieve, or It can be deeper into my mindset like my own therapy session.

Then I like to write down three things, or more that I believe to be true to myself in a positive way.

For example”

I’m impacting the lives of other women in a positive way.

My success is achievable and I will stay focused.

Showing gratitude for the honest, kind and caring person I am.

Self beliefs are what you know to be true about yourself, not forced. And sometimes we just need reminding of that.

2- Meditation.

I love to open up my favorite app, do a 3-5 minutes meditation and be fully present with myself to let go of any energy that isn’t going to serve me. I love to use the app Calm, but there are so many other great meditation apps like Headspace. Go and check them out and find what suits you best.

3- My to do list. A morning routine to kickstart your mindset.

Even though I’m feeling pretty calm and clear by now, I shttp://www.kristimaree.com/setting-goals-for-personal-growth/till love to be clear on my to do list. So I write out any tasks that need to be done that day, or at a later time. That kind of organization is so important to keeping focused and on path to your goals. My recent post will support you in setting goals for you personal growth.

Our mindset is a huge part of our self love journey also. If your ready to feel more confident and explore who you are. Join my waitlist to work with me! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f64abf9a7faea3c063af68f

So I hope this has given you some inspiration to up level your morning routine and take care of your mental health and be more intentional. Which one will you try in your own morning routine?

Kristi Xx

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