Where to start…. I am honestly lost for words. This decade for me has had so many highs and also a hell of a lot of lows. But you know what..I MADE IT. And I’ve come out stronger and more than ready for the goodness to come in this new decade approaching.


Well this subject is always a topic of discussion for me. In a nutshell CRAP! (can I say that?) This decade saw the start of my journey with Atrial Fibrillation. For those who don’t know a chronic heart disease where the heart goes into an abnormal rhythm and sometimes requires some hospital time. So it meant the start of heart medications to control my heart rate. Iron deficiency was also part of my decade in review. But regular check up’s and a couple of iron infusions kept it under control. A few rivers to cross and bumpy roads to take. But as I write this I can say that I’m dang proud of myself. My path on the health journey has always been a rocky one. But with every battle I have turned it around at looked at it with positivity and gratitude.


This decade has seen some definitive pivotal moments for me. For so long I was lost as to what I was supposed to do with my life. I knew I was destined to do more than just collect a paycheck. This decade saw a world of opportunities open up for me. And I finally found my passion, that BOOM thing I was good at. Helping other women find their confidence and live their dreams. And I found I could do this with writing and sharing my story., Something I never thought I would do! Now I am on the path to creating a community and business where I can Mentor other women who may be going through the same or can resonate with my story, offering guidance, education and support.

I know this decade is going to bring some pretty big things. I have the plan in place to step by step climb my way to where I want to go. And i’m ready for any changes I may have to make along the way. But by the next decade in review I write I will be in financial freedom, and the freedom to live life on my terms. Big goals..YEP but totally achievable for my family.


Well this decade has had one pretty good high, becoming a Mum. This is my bright light and shining star for this decade. It has been everything I dreamed and more. Being a Mum is my greatest achievement and most important role I will ever undertake. It has softened me in so many ways, but also toughened me in other ways. Being Parents for our first Christmas was something magical. To see a child’s eyes light up on Christmas Morning is etched in my mind forever. I never knew I would love being a Mum this Much! The love is incredible…..


In summary of this decade coming to an end, I can look back with pride and confidence in knowing I had the strength to weather the storms and take pride in how I have handled my accelerated moments with confidence and versatility. Like I said there have been some awesome highs and deflating lows in this decade, but with confidence I say this decade was a complete success, How was your decade ? Would love to hear, comment below and tell me how you would some it up.

Until next decade Kristi Xx

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