5 ways to up level your routine. Just recently I made a decision to change things up a little. I was feeling unmotivated and stale from spending so much time at home over the last years. And it was a feeling of mixed emotions. The feeling of life passing you by so quickly, but you don’t feel like your getting anywhere. And the feeling of time standing still almost like frozen.

But I can say that I’ve always been a homebody. So maybe I’ve taken for granted the gift of being being able to do things outside. Especially after being homebound. I love working from home, are you ready to make life changes and learn the art of self love? Click the link and join the waitlist to work with me! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f64abf9a7faea3c063af68f

5 ways to up level your routine. When things get stale and boring, try these ways to liven things up!

OK let’s face it, life is not always excitement and success. But it’s how we react to the situations that make life feel harder, and less enjoyable. So now I’d love to share with you 10 ways to jazz up your life and routine.

You ready? Let’s do this…

Ways to add variety to your routines.

1. Listen to, read and watch different things that inspire you.

Try and add some different topics to the type of inspiration and content you consume. So try new things that interest you and motivate you. So topics that are unfamiliar to you.

2- Try different routines for different days. 5 ways to up level your routine.

If your like me and stick to the same morning routine every day. Then try and change it up a little. So have a routine for Minday, Wednesday and Friday’s. Then Tuesday and Thursday’s try something like going for a walk if you work out at home the rest of the week.

3- Create a challenge.

5 ways to up level your routine. Have you ever tried a challenge? And challenged your self? Put your self to the test on staying with something new. And there are so many ways like writing about it, filming a video or sharing your progress with friends and family. Here are some ideas for you…

1- A journal challenge. 30 days of journaling.

2- Meditation challenge. 7 day meditation challenge.

3- 14 days of self reflection. so

4- Learn something new.

So learning never stops. Because there is always something to learn about ourselves and the world. So try learning about growing plants, or a self development course. There so many wonderful free resources out there like You tube, skill share and so many wonderful blogs.

5- Tale a look at your living space. 5 things to up level your routine.

Have you taken a look around your living space lately? So does it inspire you? Why not change it up a little. Add some color, move around the furniture and even put a contemporary spin on it! I love having some scented candles around adding to our senses experience.

So will you choose a self love lifestyle? My recent post will give you three steps on how to choose a self love lifestyle. Click the link to read! http://www.kristimaree.com/3-steps-to-choosing-a-self-love-lifestyle/

So which one will you try first?
Kristi Xx

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