5 things that make a sexy women. This is me in my favorite maxi dress smiling which is a real quality of a sexy woman.

5 things that make a women sexy. OK ladies let’s talk about this. When I say the word sexy, what comes to your mind? I bet I can guess. And I’m not just talking sexy in the eyes of a man. Your thinking sexy is the perfect legs, flat stomach, long lean arms. How am I doing am I getting warm?

These are all the things I grew up believing was ‘sexy’. Because it was what society said we should do, be and feel. But what I have learnt and experienced is that these things are not what makes a women attractive. My husband said ‘Those things are not what attracts me, kindness, compassion and a sense of humor. And that stuck with me ever since. I began to really think about the things that make a women sexy to the world around her. This recent post will also help you see things differently http://www.kristimaree.com/step-outside-your-comfort-zone/

let’s take a look at what really makes a women sexy. But I want you to forget about all those other things we talked about. To be honest they hold no definition of what sexy really means. Now let’s look at what does.

Always has a great big smile. 5 Things that make a women sexy.

Because it doesn’t matter how bad of a day or what may be happening in your life. As the saying goes ‘ A smile is free’. When we smile it shines such a beautiful aura from our eyes. And it makes whoever is around you feel good. That is really a special connection to have with others. It shows our warm and compassionate nature. Therefore others will trust and respect you.

Confidence is the key. What makes a women sexy.

My favorite word confidence. When a women has confidence she is irresistible to the people around her. And she motivates and inspires other women around her to evolve and grow to be the best version of then self. That kind of confidence inspires other women to be a better person. To stand up and be the powerhouse that she is. And I can’t emphasize enough the importance of self love when finding your powerhouse confidence. Grab a copy of my free E Book Self Love A vital part to coping with stress to help you on the right path. https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5eaec05f82272f0026fdf3a2

Talks with her eyes. 5 Things that make a women sexy.

As they say the eyes are the gateway to the soul. So when a women talks with her eyes and connects on that level. She is opening up and sharing her true self and personality. For myself personally I love it when someone is talking to me from their eyes, it shows me they are coming from a place of authenticity. You begin to build that know, like and trust factor. This is when beautiful friendships begin.

She doesn’t put others down. 5 things that make a women sexy.

This is so very important to me. Yes there are times when we may not agree, understand or even like what someone else is doing. But when that person is not hurting anyone, it doesn’t give us the right to put them down or disrespect them.

A bright personality even when they are not them self.

No matter what is happening in their day or their life, they can still greet someone with politeness. And as said before a smile on their face and talk with their eyes. These qualities are what makes a women sexy. Don’t you agree? I pride myself on these qualities no matter how I’m feeling.

I hope this has given you something to takeaway and think about. Don’t perceive sexy as what the outer layer is and looks like. Look deeper and connect with qualities that can and will impact the world. What was your biggest takeaway form this ?

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