4 ways to reboot and feel better. It's important to attract the right energy into our lives.

4 Ways to reboot and feel better. It started when I was noticing that my energy was at an all time low. And I thought “Was this the way life was meant to be lived? ” And I began to wonder more about the force of life.

So I made the decision to look into my own heart and life to see what wasn’t working at serving me to be the best version of myself. I started changing my daily activities to support my mindset and the direction of where my life was going.

There are many reasons for a decline in our energy and motivation. Because it can be we may need a detox. That means going back to look at our lifestyle habits. Things like eating habits, sleep quality or maybe we need to work less. But It can also mean a spiritual and emotional thing. That our bodies are telling us we need change in our life. And this is so important, because our bodies have a way of letting us know when we need to pay attention. And as always it all begins with self love. Here are 5 things women NEED to know about self love. Click the link ! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f53280e22a9aa00261d2199

That feeling of being drawn to someone’s energy. 4 ways to reboot and feel better.

Have you ever had that feeling of being around another person’s captive energy? When you with them or when you see them it’s like a bright shining light. That their confidence, positivity and comfortable vibe is something you can’t describe.

This person definitely has an alluring energy. But then for some reason we never ask ourselves “How can I bring to the surface my own connective energy? OK let’s have a look at this. But I would like you to have an open mind about how simple some of these ways may sound. Because they are by far the most effective. And cultivating your own life force and energy can’t be done overnight. You have to work at it my friend. You ready?

1- Have delicate pauses. 4 ways to reboot and feel better.

Try breaking up your everyday routine, however that may look for you. Allow yourself to feel some contentment and moments of gratification. This is crucial because when we do this our stress levels will drop and our energy and mood levels will rise. Then leaving us feeling refreshed to face the rest of the day ahead. I found so true to be when life feels like ‘the usual’ our energy levels fall and our mood changes to more somber. So what can you do to bring more contentment into your day?

2- Show some admiration.

If today is one of those days where you feel off balance, moody and not loving much of anything. Make a list of things that you really appreciate today. Take a look around you, we have so much to be grateful for. Something you should also do is include yourself in that list. Show yourself some appreciation for the amazing human that you are. When we show appreciation we can experience a whole new life force. Then we’re not letting our self feel stagnate in an energy that won’t serve us to be the better version of ourselves.

A daily non negotiable to do list. 4 ways tom reboot and feel better.

This list will be a list of things that you will do every day, no negotiation. And what you have on your list will make you feel strong, confident, powerful, energetic and alive. Things like:

1- Start the day with hot lemon water and a relaxing mind cleansing meditation.

2- Do a brain dump and journal. Write down what comes to your mind and what your feeling at that moment.

3- Take the time to visualize your dreams.

4- Take time to move and stretch your body.

I found for myself that when I follow this list I have an amazing foundation to attract a positive life force. And there will be days where that is all we can do! And you know that’s OK. My recent post will give you guidance on how to show up everyday and be brave. Click the link! http://www.kristimaree.com/how-to-show-up-brave-for-yourself/

So where in your life do you feel in a rut. And what can you do to support your energy and move forward to what your heart desires.

Love Kristi Xx

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