22 affirmations for overcoming self doubt and believing in yourself.

22 Empowering self doubt affirmations. But did you know that affirmations will help you realize your own self worth, and help you believe that you can achieve anything that your heart desires. Because they are also a positive and personal statement claiming something that you want to come true. And they are best used as verbal exercises to set our dreams as a done deal. Try these two starter steps to manifest what you want will go well with your affirmations. Click the link to check it out! http://www.kristimaree.com/2-starter-steps-to-manifest-what-you-want/

Why we use affirmations? 22 Empowering self doubt affirmations.

And but the whole idea of using affirmations is to help us feel empowered, inspired and reassured that our dreams will become our reality. But until not so long ago I didn’t believe affirmations because I don’t think I really understood them. And when I did some research on them I began to put them into action. They did work for me. And now I feel confident to say them out load and I don’t feel ashamed or self conscious.

And because we can all be our own worst enemy in our lives. But we can say horrible things to ourselves more than any one else can. And I also found a pep talk really good too. Because the best way to do this is in front of a mirror. And believe me this does work. Then tell yourself how worthy you are of happiness and success. And you may not believe it first. But It’s ok to take your time and not rush it like practicing self love. Here are 5 things women NEED to know about self love. Click the link! https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5f53280e22a9aa00261d2199

But sometimes you may also feel like your resisting them. And you just keep on going! Because your brain is still adjusting to the change. And there is always discomfort in the process of change . But take a look at these affirmations and use them in the best way for yourself. And then put them anywhere that you can see them and say them out loud.

1- I am a strong, confident beautiful women.

2- I am enough.

3- I am worthy of my dreams.

4- I deserve the best life and accept that right now.

5- I love, respect and approve of myself as I am right now.

6- I only choose to believe the best about myself.

7- I feel safe, it’s only change.

8- I don’t need my dreams validated by anyone.

9- I trust in God’s divine plan for me.

10- Money comes to me easily, consistently and in unsuspected ways.

11- I have boundless energy and a strong immune system.

12- I release all of my anger.

13- I let go of the past.

14- I will release all resentments.

15- I am one step closer every day to becoming the best version of myself.

16- My true self is perfect, and I am worthy of love.

17- I will never be defined by my past.

18- I let go of all sadness.

19- I deserve love.

20- I am good enough for a healthy relationship.

21- I forgive myself.

22- I forgive anyone that has ever hurt me.

And then I hope that these affirmations will help change the way you think and view yourself. Because when we play our part in all of this our brain will follow and things will feel like they never have before. Full of happiness and abundance. And therefore you will find this is because you are worth the small amount of time it takes out of your day to spend on these affirmations.

And I would love for you to keep in touch and let me know how they helped you and what are your favorite affirmations ? Because I want to see you feel confident and living a life you love.

Kristi Xx

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