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Finding Your Own Happiness, Don’t Forget You

Zen meditation Finding Your Own Happiness, Don't Forget You Finding your own happiness, don't forget you. So As I write this I Have just finished watching a live stream from my mentor and inspiration. And in an instant I knew I had to share ...
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Doubts Will Eventually Kill Your Dreams.

Doubts will eventually kill your dreams. let's be honest with each other for a second. I think we all have a dream that we have been scared to go for or talk about. Because for me it's that thing that keeps me up at night, and constantly thinking ...
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The A-Z Guide To Figuring out The Finances.

The A-Z guide to figuring out the finances. Whoa! This is something a little different, but I thought was super important for me too share as so many of us are in the same boat. This is something most of us struggle with right? And the bills don't ...
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How I Got Through Heart Surgery And Faced The Fear.

White frangipani with black stones, spa settings How I got through heart surgery and faced the fear. This is something I've been wanting to share for a while, and I feel now is the right time as February is Turner Syndrome awareness month. As ...
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One Life So Don’t Hide. Your life Wants You to Live!.

Do you let lies surround and take over your life? One life so don't hide my friend. Live it will the truthful knowledge that YOU ARE ENOUGH and YOU ARE CAPABLE. And do you feel like you are one of the unlucky ones and life had dealt you a bad hand. ...
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5 Wellness Tips For Every DAY..LIVE VIBRANTLY

5 WELLNESS TIPS FOR EVERY DAY.YOU ARE SO WORTHY OF FEELING YOUR BEST EVERY DAM DAY . HERE ARE 5 OF MY PERSONAL FAVORITES TO INSPIRE YOU TO LIVE WELL EVERY DAY. 5 wellness tips for every day no matter what the season. And weather you have a hectic ...
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