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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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    5 top expressions of self love. Inspiring women the best gift is themselves.

    Hi friends! Today I would like to talk to about my top 5 expressions of self love. At some point in out life we will realize that we will not receive love form others until we learn to express love to ourselves. But sometimes we can have trouble understanding the expressions of self love. Not only feel it but express it. Here are my top 5 expressions of self love.This recent post will help you make your self love journey a little easier. http://www.kristimaree.com/how-to-make-self-care-easier/

    1. Not beating yourself up. No matter what the mistake.

    Women who truly love themselves will never do this to themselves. Because at some point in our lives at some stage of living we all make mistakes. After all we are only human remember. We are not perfect because there is no such thing. The mistakes we make will help us grow and evolve into the women we want to become.

    2. Being proud of your strengths. 5 top expressions of self love.

    For me this is an important expression of self love because we know how really hard we have worked on our strengths. And it’s important that we respect and cherish them. It is only possible to own our weaknesses when we truly own our strengths. This is my journey with infertility. Click here to read https://view.flodesk.com/emails/5d92cdf4f2bb4b001bfd6b3a

    Don’t let the opinions of others define our reality.

    This can work both ways. We also have to let ourselves not get to swayed by all the attention and praise we receive. It’s perfectly normal and OK to be both happy and sad by praise and any criticism that comes into our life. The key is when that criticism comes, and it will. You have to let it drive you to keep going on the path you want to be doing what will make you happy. Remember this world needs what you have to offer. You would be doing a disservice to all the women who really need what you can offer them.

    The love for others. 5 top expressions of self love.

    Do you spend a lot of time asking yourself “Do I love myself?” It is like most of us were born to conditionally love others, but struggle when it comes to loving ourselves. We either see it as unimportant, selfish ans even self centered.

    When we try to love others without loving ourselves, our own love suffers. We can only love others enough when we love ourselves enough first. Another great expression of self love is the absence of hatred. This is such a strong and evil word. I personally try not to use it in my writing or say it. Because it is not who I am or the women I want to become.

    So I hope that this gave you some clarity on the expressions of self love. And I hope this inspires you further on your self love journey.

    Kristi Xx

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